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 Wave Solder
:: Variable transport width.
:: Subjection by "fingers"
:: 90Kgrs. tin-lead load.
:: 250mm double wave, ready for SMD.
:: Flux floam with porous stone.
:: Control by PLC.
:: It requires of compressed air.
:: 6kW of Electrical consumption.


:: Height

:: Width 2000
:: Depth 750
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This equipment was designed and biuld in Argentina in order to meet Small & Medium Companies needs, based in its dimensions and energy requirements.

The transport system holds the solder circuit board by "fingers", without other transport system.

The PCB goes through the fluxeado, drying and preheated stages to arrive to the weld head. This weld head has a double wave system, the first one like turbulence and the second one like laminar flow, making this equipment suitable for THT and SMD Solder.

At last the PCB is cooled before leaving the equipment.

The system take care of the following process parameters:

  • Ransport speed from 0,7 to 1,5 m/min.
  • Transport width.
  • Transport angle.
  • Height of the flux floam.
  • Connection/Desconnection on resistance heating engineers demand.
  • Independent wave height by frecuency variations.
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