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 SMD Ovens
:: Conveyor belt width: 400 mm.
:: complies with SMEMA standards.
:: Maximum on-board component height: 35 mm.
:: Maximum temperature differential between
   adjacent zones: 110°.
:: Heating zones: 4.
:: Cooling zone: 1.


:: Height

:: Width 3000
:: Depth 800
The TWS 1380 is very easy to use. The air convection is directed horizontally by fans that blow the air from the centre of the zone to the surroundings.

The air temperature is controlled by a microprocessor through K-type thermocouples placed in each zone, that keeps the temperature between tight limits.

To obtain the best soldering performance, the oven is equipped with a temperature recorder which can be connected to a PC to display the temperature profiles during the soldering process.

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