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 Pick & Place

::The unit can mount chip components from 0603, Melf, Mini-melf, cylindrical components, Sot transistors, diodes, integrated circuits with 0.8 mm pitch (31.5 mil) up to 35 mm, PLCC and LCCC integrated circuits up to 35 mm, trimmers, inductors, connectors, aluminium electrolytic capacitors up to 10.5 mm high.


:: Height

:: Width 1000
:: Depth 850
The TWS Automation Quadra is suitable for prototype and/or for small to medium sized manufacturing batches, representing a lower cost option in the TWS Automation Pick & Place range.

The Quadra Pick & Place machine is supplied with a dual spindle mechanical centring head where the centring is carried out by means of 4 lightweight jaws and if requested, can be equipped with a dispenser for adhesives and solder paste.

The machine accommodates up to 120 feeders in total, in tapes from 8 mm to 44 mm width, 7" , 13" or 15" reel diameter and any kind of stick and tray.

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